A Spring Walk


The smell drifts around you

You inhale deep

The sweet scent of flowers

Drifting in the the breeze


Looking around you

It’s a watercolor painting

Depicting a wonderful scene

Of spring


Dewdrops fall

Pattering loud

Wet grass

After showers from a cloud


Sketch it maybe

It’s a beautiful sight

And the ambience

Is surely just right


An experience like this

Is hard to forget

Embedded in your memory

Now, in place, it’s set!

Aarushi Aiyar


I found my inspiration to write this poem one day in school…

I was looking out of the window and dreaming of a beautiful day in nature. I was to write a composition so I imagined what I would write. And in that daydream the words for this poem came to me.

I hope you all enjoy reading my depiction of a day spent with Mother Nature. Happy reading!



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