Chapter 2: The Arrival Of Peter

She followed Smithers through a narrow archway on the right, her footsteps distinct on the creaky wooden floor. A skinny man with scraggly hair and a mousy face greeted her, armed with a tray. “Ah Sean! Been working hard I see!”said Jean scrutinising the tiny man standing inches ahead. Sean nodded fearfully and with trembling hands he handed Smithers the tray. Setting the tray down on the table, Smithers pulled a chair back for Jean. Jean sat down and put her fingers together in a very Sherlock  Holmes style.Smithers picked up the tray once again and set it down in front of Jean this time. He carefully unloaded its contents and clapped twice. There was a sudden crash and a sound of something heavy hitting the floor and indistinct muttering as a yet cursing Sean stumbled out of the kitchen holding a plate, a goblet, cutlery and a bottle of water. Jean did her best to stifle a laugh as Sean set the plates down in a huff and, yet cursing, walked back into the kitchen. This was when she first noticed that there were two sets of plates and goblets. Why was this so when there was no more than one diner? Before she had a chance to ask, though, the familiar note produced by the doorbell rang through the empty rooms. Jean decided to open the door as her curiosity at this stage was overwhelming. Who was at the door? She turned the doorknob cautiously and opened the double doors. There stood a rather tall man with spiky blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. He greeted Jean with a warm smile. With a welcoming grin on her face, Jean said,”I was beginning to wonder who the second plate was for! Hello Peter! Long time no see!” “Miss me?”responded Peter, his smile widening into a grin now matching Jean’s.

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