Chapter 1 : Daily Routine

Phew! Jean came home after a long and exhausting day at work. Tall with fiery red hair and gumdrop green eyes, she was a beautiful girl. She sat down with a cup of steaming hot green tea and mulled over the day’s incidents. She needed to get the reports to Mr.Green by Tuesday which was just round the corner. She needed to meet Mrs.White at a fabric store to pick out a new curtain fabric design.And on top of that she also had to give Mr.Collins a design for his bathroom. She walked towards her big white board and stared at the list written on it long and hard. She started to number them, counting the number of things she had to do along the way. She reached all the way till 17 before she finally finished reading her list. She gave a deep sigh and added on the new additions. She now had 20 items on her to do list.She sighed, yet again,and sat down to work on a good bathroom design for Mr.Collins. But she found that more than brainstorming, she was daydreaming! “I’m not feeling creative right now.” she said and shut her book in annoyance. She walked into the living room and stepped down onto the furry beige carpet that marked the start. She then approached the fireplace and kneeled down near it. She reached out for a knob at the side which would activate the fireplace. She turned the knob and watched as the dying embers slowly returned to life. Soon there was a warm fire blazing behind the glass. She inched a little closer towards the glass and stretched her arms. She yawned and was just about to fall asleep when someone called out her name. She looked up with sleepy eyes and saw a stout, rather short man. He was dressed in a black suit with a matching black tie and a warm smile. Jean groaned, fell back down onto the soft furry carpet behind her and stared at Smithers.She mumbled something that sounded like,”What is it now?Don’t tell me there’s another rat in the kitchen?””No ma’am.”said Smithers quite matter-of-factly.”What is it then?””Dinner ma’am. It’s ready. Will you be eating now?” asked Smithers watching Jean with eyes like a hawk.Jean nodded groggily and very reluctantly, stood up.

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